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We will soon be offering online & email spiritual development & Reiki classes on Angels Within.  These classes will be taught by Rosalind and guest instructors.  If you are interested in taking one of our classes or dont see what you are looking for, please send us an email and we can discuss your personal needs.    Contact Angels Within


Spiritual Development Course:

  • Intuition & how you can develop yours
  • Teen Development

Meditation Beads:

ยท        Goddess Meditation Beads

About meditation beads: Prayer/meditation beads, or rosaries,  have been used as a meditative tool worldwide for many thousands of years  in nearly every religious tradition.  However, for each individual, they are a unique experience.

Using the beads as a focal point in reaching out to the magic and peace of the Feminine Divine through meditations, prayers, and chants.  

The structure of Meditation Beads can be loosely described as follows:

1. A pendant is chosen for the meditation beads to represent and honor the Goddess, nature spirit, archangel, saint, ancestor, or whatever symbol best represents your individualized spiritual path. This is where an invocation prayer is usually said. Instead of a pendant or other religious symbol extending from the circle of the beads, a silver bead or other bead of choice can be worked right into the circle of beads themselves to represent the God/dess.

2. A meditative circle is formed by the circular strand of beads themselves. The bead layout in my Goddess format is three groups of nine beads each, with a bead that separates these groups called a divider bead that is usually a bit larger. Nine is a lunar and very feminine number symbolic of the Goddess, but there is NO SET NUMBER of groups of beads or numbers of beads within the groups. It can be five groups of ten beads, so you can use a regular Catholic Marian rosary, or three groups of thirteen as in some other Pagan formats.  If you are having beads custom designed, choose a number that resonates for YOU!

3.  A "center"  usually connects the pendant with the circular strand of beads. I sometimes place a bead or beads between the pendant and the center for a more extended "entryway" into the circle formed by the beads, I usually use three.  Chants are also said on the center and on the beads connecting it to the pendant ,all according to personal preference. 

Please check back often to see photos of these new sets

Thank you, AngelTeacher

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