AngelTeacher's Spiritual Art Gallery

Welcome to my Art Gallery.  I work with several mediums but mainly acrylic on canvas, pastels on paper and watercolors as well as genuine semi-precious crystals.  My art consists mostly of contemporary Angel and Healing Artwork as well as prayer beads made of semi-precious crystals.  I work intuitively with my guides and angels and with the guides and angels of my clients.  All of my work is energetic as I also use Reiki energies and Angelic Seichem.  Some of my art would be what some would call Spirit Art, this is new for me so please check often to see who has come through.  

Our prayer beads are beautifully handcrafted using specific semi-precious stones for people who want to create and attract certain qualities into their life and yes, they are also a piece of art. Having been created for the purpose of prayer and meditation, the "mala" (prayer beads) serves as a powerful tool for healing. It is believed to have many advantages, such as reducing stress and anxiety, thus enhancing health, wisdom, patience, harmony, balance and prosperity.  These are great to use with Angel Affirmations too!  Each set is made from semiprecious gemstone beads and each one is unique and hand made with love, joy and light. 
Various sizes and stones available. 
Please contact me for prices if you would like to discuss your own design or ask about specific stones that you would like to have incorporated into your rosary, mala, prayer or affirmation set.  
Each set comes with instructions for use.   

If you would like your own Angel Guide Energy portrait, Healing Art or Angel Affirmation/Prayer or Mala Prayer beads, please see our prices here under Rates & Services or contact me for specific questions or commissions.  I will be adding new items and artwork as it becomes available.soon.

Thank you for visiting my Art Gallery.   


Rosalind (AngelTeacher)

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