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Rosalind  hosts her show APHN Radio on  The show is primarily about the network group “Abundance & Prosperity Healing Network”, its members and the E-course “50 Days to Abundance & Prosperity Healing”.  The E-course was adapted from the book “The Abundance Book & 40 Day Prosperity Plan” by John R. Price and the intent it to assist others raise their abundance & prosperity vibration while learning about themselves.  We will be talking about this as well as various topics of interests.  Often we will have special guests.  


On 07/31/09 we had Suzanne Roloff as a guest.  She spoke with us about ThetaHealing™ and manifesting abundance.  The show was great!  I have uploaded this wonderful show below, take a listen and participate in the meditation and downloads she took us through.  Time nor space doesnt matter, participate as though you were listening to the live show.  To learn more about ThetaHealing, visit Suzannes page


 Please check back often for new shows and topics of interest. 


There are several options to join us:

  • Call: (646) 727-2678 to listen or talk with Rosalind & guest during the show.
  • Log onto:  (this link will take you to to listen from your computer or listen to any show you've missed in the archives .
  • Register your name and join in the chat room while you listen. 
  • Listen to the show here on this page.
If you want to be a guest host, I'm always open to new ideas and positive perspectives.  Please feel free to contact me if you have something to share or promote. Contact Rosalind

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