The Angels Within Us

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 A spiritual guide to the twenty-two angels that govern our lives.


The universe is a macrocosm of creative energy and power, and every man, woman, and child is the epitome of this totality of the cosmos. Within your individualized energy field, the microcosm called you, are twenty-two Causal Powers, or angels, that control your conscious behavior and govern the manifestation of all forms and experiences in your personal life. Their existence has been taught since the beginning of spiritual brotherhoods and philosophical societies thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt the twenty-two Powers were shown as hieroglyphs representing the laws of all phenomena, and one of the volumes saved from the burning library of Alexandria contained descriptions of these angels.

This universal knowledge was pictured symbolically as the twenty-two major trumps of the tarot, a pack of mystical cards.

These angels can also be found in the Tablet of Isis, which formed the altar before which Plato was initiated into the Greater Mysteries in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. On the tablet, also called the Bembine Table, appear carved figures called "vehicles for the distribution of the creative influences...the divine creatures that aid the Father Mind...the gods of the spheres."

They are found in esoteric astrology, too, as represented by the twelve signs of the zodiac, the sun, the moon, and the eight planets (Earth not included), for a total of twenty-two. These are the living Governors of Life, each controlling a Gate, or opening, leading to the phenomenal world-conditioning and determining all outer expression.

The Divine Agents are also found in the study of Cabbalism, the Secret Doctrine of Israel. Here they are known as the twenty-two sounds produced by God to be his ministering angels, established to govern all outer form.

In the wisdom teachings these Causal Powers are called by many names including Agents, Angels, Conscious Thought forms, Creative Energies, Devas, Fathers, Fountains, Gates, Governors, Hands of God, Lords, Shining Ones-and more recently in the analytical psychology of Carl Jung-archetypes. I prefer the term angels-those, according to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, who "guard and guide and direct the natural forces of mind and body, which have in them the future of the whole man."

According to H. K. Challoner, an English artist and esoteric philosopher,

The Christians have always believed in incorporeal beings such as angels, the Hindu Yogis and mystics in devas....[They] are not only vitally involved in the ordering of our destiny, but are the wielders of mighty spiritual forces employed in the very building and sustaining of the Cosmos itself. The devas, in fact, may best be described as centers of force and intelligence who, under the direction of yet greater intelligences, carry out the functions of those particular offices to aid and give to {the individual] according to the measure of his receptivity... To them all is vibration. It is their language, their keynote, the manifestation of God Himself. They dwell in a realm of ecstatic beauty and love, a realm of music visible in glittering, transient shapes, of color audible in waves of matter, changing, coalescing, separating in response to the propulsions of the creative energy which the devas live solely to express.

Working with the Angels can be a wonderful adventure in co creation, so let's begin the healing process now by first forgiving yourself for all your miscreations. Actually it really wasn't you who miscreated; it was a false belief, or thought-form, called ego which is nothing but a part of the great illusion in your life-yet ego-action can leave emotional wounds that must be healed. In forgiving yourself you are simply calling in the Energy of Correction, the Law of Adjustment, to transmute the old erroneous patterns and eliminate the ghosts of another time.

Scan your consciousness, and if something from your past comes up that triggers a feeling of shame or self-condemnation, bring the whole scenario into full view and cast the entire memory-image upon the Love of God within you. Do not attempt to push it further down out or mind. That is repression. Give it up to Spirit and let it be burned away. Keep pulling up all the old sin fear guilt roots and tossing them on the Holy Fire within, and keep at it until you feel clear again. Understand that it is impossible to release any thought or feeling to Spirit for transmutation without divine action taking place.

The second step in the restoration of relations between you and the angels is to look at the personality problems that you may be experiencing-fear, deception, dishonesty, anger, arrogance, confusion, stubbornness, feelings of futility, jealousy, impatience, resentment, low self-worth, and so an. Also take note of the negative appearances in your life, such as financial lack, family discord, sexual problems, inability to have lasting relationships, sickness and ill health, legal challenges, and business and career failures. This evaluation will help you to see which angels have suffered the greatest adulteration. (See the "negative traits" and "energy blocks")

Once you have your trouble spots pinpointed, you are ready for the third step: a total surrender of your mind, emotions, body, and personal world to the Spirit within - holding nothing back and giving up everything to and for God. Cut the cords on all negative personality traits from the analysis above and empty yourself of everything that even resembles the third-dimensional human nature.

Once you begin to fell more of the spiritual vibration in consciousness, you are ready for the final step before making contact with the angels, which is to meditate and bring into your awareness the presence of the indwelling Spirit of God.

Relating the Angels to the Physical Body

If the energy from any particular angel is blocked, you may feel a reaction in the part of the body that corresponds to it. For example, lower-back pain could mean that you are focusing on the illusion of scarcity rather than on the Reality of omnipresent substance, thus screening out the Power and influence of the Angel of Abundance. Whenever you feel weakness or discomfort in any area of the body, it would be wise to talk to the appropriate angel and see what you can do to remove the ego projections.

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